Professional Rug Cleaning – Quick Facts!


365 trips outside every morning, 63 rain storms, 14 blizzards and twice daily doggy slobber… your rug is begging for a “spa” day!

It’s highly recommended that rugs get a thorough cleaning about once a year, and the results are staggering!

Your rug will last longer, smell better, and withstand daily use with the right cleaning process.  Here at St Croix | White Way Cleaners we combine the latest technology with hand-cleaning processes to make sure your rug looks (and smells) like brand new!

Here are a few fun facts about rugs:

  1. Rubber-backed rugs should not be placed in a washing machine!  This breaks down the rubber, and over time it will become crackly and uncomfortableRug photo (3)
  2. Fringe on all rugs needs to be hand-cleaned. Because each “fringe” is small and has the possibility to get very soiled, it needs to be hand-cleaned
  3.  with a detailed eye.  Once each “fringe” has been cleaned, we then place a protective coating over it to help it last longer.
  4. The Rug Badger “beats” your rug 1,000 times faster than someone could do with their hands!  Remember in the old days when you’d have to hang your rug on the clothesline and beat it to get the dirt out?  Well the rug badger does this, but faster, safer, and it works better!  Who doesn’t love technology that makes cleaning that much more awesome?!
  5. Large Persian & Fur rugs require a very special cleaning process, and can only be cleaned by experts who understand the different fabrics, the care for vintage items and the garment care process.  You’re in luck!  Our specialists at Treasured Garment Restoration are exclusively recommend by the Minnesota Historical Society and are the premier cleaners for the Children’s Theater, the Guthrie Theater and the Minnesota Opera.  You can trust us with your special area rugs!
  6. If your pet decided to relieve themselves on a special rug of yours, a special deep cleaning and de-orderizing process is needed.  Let us know if this has happened and we can get started on it right away!

Check out an awesome review our Rug Specialists received this week!

We have 20 convenient Twin Cities locations that you can drop your rug off at, OR we can come pick up your rug from your home for FREE!  Call for more information: 651.491.7501


Six Stains, Six Years in a ROW!



For the 6th consecutive year, St Croix Cleaners has earned the prestigious Seal of Approval for Quality Garment Cleaning & Customer Service.  The Minnesota-based cleaner passed all the rigorous cleaning and customer service evaluations.  Earning the Seal of Approval signifies that St Croix Cleaners has successfully maintained high quality cleaning standards and has proven their ability in complex stain removal and consistently demonstrates superior quality and customer service.

This prestigious international award program is administered by the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute, a Washington-DC-based group.  To date, approximately 140 companies around the world have attained the Seal of Approval.

“Finding a good cleaner who will consistently treat you like a valued customer shouldn’t be a guessing game,”  Drycleaning and Laundry Institute CEO Mary Scalco said.  The 24-year veteran of the cleaning industry noted, “By becoming a Seal of Approval cleaner, St Croix Cleaners proved there is a difference between quality cleaners and their competition.  Now customers know where to find a cleaner who will treat them and their garments properly – every time.”

Each year, Seal of Approval Drycleaners must renew their status with the program by successfully completing stain removal and cleaning performance tests.  In addition, each business must meet other requirements such as continuing education, community service, and offering superior customer service as evidenced by the company’s standing with the Better Business Bureau.

#  #  #

The Drycleaning & Laundry Institute represents the interests of the cleaning industry, clothing manufacturers, and consumer advisors in identifying those cleaning plants that provide the highest level of clothing care.  The group began accepting applications for the Seal of Approval Award of Excellence for Quality Garment Cleaning & Customer Service in 2005.  Visit their website or call Mary Scalco at 800.638.2627.

St Croix | White Way Cleaners is an award-winning dry cleaning company based in Stillwater, Minnesota.  They have won the DryClean and Laundry Institute’s Seal of Approval 6 years in a row and have been voted “Best DryCleaner” over 10 times by Reader’s Choice.  They specialize in exceptional customer service, high-quality garment care, and eco-friendly dry cleaning by using non-toxic solvents, bio-degradable plastic bags, a water conservation system, and recycling hangers.  They have 20 drop-off locations throughout the Eastern Metro and within Minneapolis and St Paul.   |


Drycleaners; Launderers Laud Monopoly Piece Change

In a move that shocked half the planet this month Hasbro announced they would be replacing the iron game piece in their popular Monopoly game. “Replacing the iron is exactly what drycleaning and laundry professionals do,” said Mary Scalco. Scalco is CEO of the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute, a trade association for professional drycleaners and launderers.

“No one likes irons or ironing. We were overjoyed to learn there would soon be one less iron in millions of homes around the world, even if it is a miniature replica game piece,” Scalco said. “Way to go, Hasbro!”

In today’s world, people want to look good but they don’t want to have to iron their clothes to do it. Drycleaning and Laundry professionals help eliminate the need to do tedious ironing. Readers may identify a professional drycleaning or laundry service in their area at


Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning: What's in it for you?

Have you been wondering what the phrases “Eco-Friendly”, “Earth Friendly” and “Non-Toxic” really have to do with dry cleaning?  And why it should matter to you?

To put it in the simplest of terms, ‘earth friendly’ means that non-toxic solvents (that’s right, solvents that are NOT toxic) are used in the dry cleaning process to clean your garments.  By using this different type of cleaning solvent, you will notice substantial improvements to your wardrobe including:

  • Softer feeling clothes
  • No color loss (colors actually stay brighter, longer!)
  • Garments last longer
  • Better care and cleaning for delicate fabrics and embellishments
  • Your clothes will no longer have that “dry cleaner” smell

green-dry-cleanersIn addition to using non-toxic solvents, we also use bio-degradable plastic bags, online billing methods to save paper, recycle hangers, have the ONLY water-conservation system for a dry cleaner in Minnesota and try our best to design our home delivery routes to cut down on gas usage.

All of this contributes to decreasing your carbon footprint, and to helping you feel great about preserving the environment for future generations!