How About These Costumes?

How about these costumes?

Halloween is the next big upcoming holiday, and it’s one of Treasured Garment Restoration’s favorite.  Our Nationally Renowned Cleaning Specialists have some pretty cool things in their workshop this time of year.  As the premier cleaners for Costume Rentals, Inc, The Guthrie Theater, The Children’s Theater, the Minnesota Opera and dozens of other theaters throughout the Twin Cities metro area, Duane and Liz have worked with some pretty elaborate costumes over the years.  Many times, the costumes must be hand-cleaned due to the amount of beads, unique fabric, feathers & fur that might be part of these exquisite costumes.

Can you pick out where the below costumes might be from?

Elvis Costume After a    MN Opera a    TGR 022


The Specialty Cleaning team also has the opportunity to clean many mascots – many of which you’ve probably hear of!  Almost all of the mascot costumes are hand-cleaned as well and can take hours to completely clean.

Can you name the following mascots we had the opportunity to clean?

Easter Bunny b Mascots 003 Mascots 007

There are many other mascots we’ve had the opportunity to clean, including the “big guy” in these commercials:


As Halloween approaches, we invite you to visit Costume Rentals for a fun and unique costume.   They have a collection of over 30,000 theatrical costumes in all types of designs, sizes and themes.  We are the premier trusted cleaner for Costume Rentals, and LOVE having the challenge to clean some of them!

Looking forward to creative costumes, and a Happy Halloween!