Professional Rug Cleaning – Quick Facts!


365 trips outside every morning, 63 rain storms, 14 blizzards and twice daily doggy slobber… your rug is begging for a “spa” day!

It’s highly recommended that rugs get a thorough cleaning about once a year, and the results are staggering!

Your rug will last longer, smell better, and withstand daily use with the right cleaning process.  Here at St Croix | White Way Cleaners we combine the latest technology with hand-cleaning processes to make sure your rug looks (and smells) like brand new!

Here are a few fun facts about rugs:

  1. Rubber-backed rugs should not be placed in a washing machine!  This breaks down the rubber, and over time it will become crackly and uncomfortableRug photo (3)
  2. Fringe on all rugs needs to be hand-cleaned. Because each “fringe” is small and has the possibility to get very soiled, it needs to be hand-cleaned
  3.  with a detailed eye.  Once each “fringe” has been cleaned, we then place a protective coating over it to help it last longer.
  4. The Rug Badger “beats” your rug 1,000 times faster than someone could do with their hands!  Remember in the old days when you’d have to hang your rug on the clothesline and beat it to get the dirt out?  Well the rug badger does this, but faster, safer, and it works better!  Who doesn’t love technology that makes cleaning that much more awesome?!
  5. Large Persian & Fur rugs require a very special cleaning process, and can only be cleaned by experts who understand the different fabrics, the care for vintage items and the garment care process.  You’re in luck!  Our specialists at Treasured Garment Restoration are exclusively recommend by the Minnesota Historical Society and are the premier cleaners for the Children’s Theater, the Guthrie Theater and the Minnesota Opera.  You can trust us with your special area rugs!
  6. If your pet decided to relieve themselves on a special rug of yours, a special deep cleaning and de-orderizing process is needed.  Let us know if this has happened and we can get started on it right away!

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