old Wash-Dry-Fold

Subscription Service

No matter what happens during the week there is always laundry to be done, and we know that busy schedules make it hard to set aside a few hours to do it! This is where St Croix Cleaners comes in!

Our new Wash-Dry- Fold Subscription Service offers weekly laundry service brought right to your door.  Pick the size that best fits your families needs, we’ll send you a corresponding blue St Croix Cleaners bag to place your laundry in, and see it returned in 3 business days from pickup! Find our sizing, pricing, and FAQ below!

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Small Plan
$51.99/ month
  • 30 Lbs Included in Plan
  • Up to 10 Lbs Rollover
  • Term: 30 Days (Recurring)
  • $1.73 per Pound on Plan
  • $2.29 after plan is used up
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Medium Plan
$93.59/ month
  • 60 Lbs Included in Plan
  • Up to 20 Lbs Rollover
  • Term:30 Days (Recurring)
  • $1.56 per Pound on plan
  • $2.29 after plan is used up
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Family Plan
$124.79/ month
  • 90 lbs Included in Plan
  • Up to 30 lbs Rollover
  • Term:30 days (Recurring)
  • $1.39 per Pound on plan
  • $2.29 after plan is used up
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Plan is Right for Me?

Although everyone’s dirty laundry is different, we have divided our plans on what most use in a month.  If more family members would like to join or you find you’re not using your allotted poundage every month you can change your plan at any time.  Any changes will reset at your next billing cycle.

Is there a minimum order size?

Each order is at least two loads for our specialists just based on color alone! As a result, our minimum charge is 10 lbs! Feel free to send in less, 10 lbs will be deducted from your plan.

Can I include other items besides clothes?

We are happy to handle any items you send in, however these items are not included in the plan.  Our subscription service is for regular laundry only. We can send you a red St Croix Cleaners bag for all other items besides laundry services.

What if I go over My lbs for the Month?

If you use up the allotted amount, additional poundage will be charged at the end of the month for a discounted rate of $2.19 per pound.

What if I have special requirements

If you have special laundry soap, bleach, fabric softener, or dry sheets requirements we can accommodate. Please contact 651-351-1656 to update your profile.

What happens when my plan expires

Your monthly laundry plan will automatically renew at 11:59pm on the end date of your plan, 30 days from when it started. To cancel the plan, please contact 651.351.1656.

Is there additional charges for delivery?

Pick-up and Delivery are free of charge to any of our subscription members. Please contact 651.351.1656 or visit our home delivery page to learn more!

Do I need to buy a bag?

No! A blue St Croix Cleaners bag will be provided to you based on the amount of plan you have subscribed to! Bags are sized so it can be filled twice a month for the service provided.

What if an item requires special cleaning?

We recommend you send those items for Dry Cleaning in your red bag.  Our trained professionals will use appropriate solvents/ solutions to remove stains.

What if I don't use all my pounds?

If you do not use all of your pounds for the month, remaining pounds up to a certain amount (listed in your plan) will be rolled over to the next month!

What if I want my laundry on hangers?

We will gladly place tops on a hanger immediately after removing them from a dryer to minimize wrinkles.  Each item placed on a hanger will be charged an extra $0.25 per item to be billed at the end of the month.

Is there a cut off date/time?

All transactions are based on the day your order is picked up. That means that if you place your order on the 6th, but it is not picked up until the 7th, and your plan expires on the 6th, your order will be credited to the next month’s balance.