OLD-Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

Healthier for you, better for the environment
Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning

MN Eco-Friendly Dry CleaningIn 2007, we reinvented the way we do dry cleaning. We put in a new type of dry cleaning machine that uses non-toxic solvents. These non-toxic solvents are actually more gentle to your clothes, leaving them softer, brighter and lasting longer compared to Perc solvent (the “old” dry cleaning method).

Not only do we recycle hangers and use non-toxic solvents, but we were the first in the Midwest to implement the use of bio-degradable plastic bags! These bags are kinder to the environment, and will help preserve our future.

St Croix Cleaners also uses a water circulation system, effectively recycling and reusing the water supply in our dry cleaning plant.

Why are we proud to offer a Green Care, Eco-Friendly approach to dry cleaning?

We care about the customers we serve and the planet we share, so we choose to use an Environmentally Friendly Cleaning approach. St Croix Cleaners was the first in Washington County to exclusively use eco-friendly cleaning methods free of harsh chemicals.

  • Softer Feeling Clothes
  • Extends Garment Life

  • Virtually Odorless
  • No Color Loss

  • Safe on Delicate Fabrics
  • Friendlier for the Environment

Ask us about our earth friendly home delivery service, which delivers to almost all areas of the Twin Cities, cutting down on your gas expenses, and saving you time for the things that matter most!