St Paul – Inside Lunds Penfield

Your Downtown St Paul Dry Cleaner in the Penfield Lunds

115 East
10th St
St Paul, MN

(651) 705-8760

Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:30AM to 6:30PM
Closed for Lunch Daily: 1:30pm – 2pm

Closed Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

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Located in the Penfield Lund’s, we are a locally owned dry cleaner in Downtown St. Paul, MN.

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Get dry cleaning and everything on your to-do list accomplished in one stop. Located inside of Lund’s, our Penfield location in downtown St. Paul is a convenient way to have your garments dry cleaned by industry experts! Our friendly staff is ready to help with all your dry cleaning needs and offer same day dry cleaning service on most items.  Bring your items in before 9AM and receive them back the same day at 5PM.   Can’t make it there when we’re open?  We offer an after hours drop off box.  You can bring in your dry cleaning items anytime during Lunds grocery store hours and simply put your garments in the drop to the right of our door for us to check in. This is a great option if you’re in a rush or have a busy on the go lifestyle. If you’re interested in this feature we’ll set you up with a free personal garment bag with your name on it!  After-hours drop-off available during Lund’s regular hours: 6AM to 11PM Daily

St Croix Cleaners also offers Quick Turn Alteration service. If you have a minor repair, such as a loose hem, small tear or missing button, we can get it back to you with your normal dry cleaning turn around in two days. We can even apply a repair limit on to your account of whatever you want, so if we do find an item that needs a repair, we will automatically put it through as a repair so when you get it back it will already be fixed!  If you have any questions about our Quick Turn Alterations Service or after hours drop box, please feel free to give us a call and ask one of our friendly associates at our Penfield location in downtown St. Paul!

St Paul Dry Cleaners Downtown
Downtown St Paul Dry Cleaning
Great Location

So convenient to have location inside Lunds. One less trip to make a day!

Great service

My coat looked fantastic! Thank you!

Staff is excellent and always go the extra mile